How to talk with your Manager about your Anxiety

It's not always easy to speak to friends and family about a mental health concerns, let alone a manager. But keeping a problem hidden at work could make it worse. So how should you approach the subject with your boss?

Here are some tips on sharing your mental health needs within your workplace:

Find a safe space to talk. Making sure you are comfortable and at ease while speaking to your manager is crucial. A quiet, private room where you and your boss aren't too constrained by time will make the conversation easier.

Ideally, your manager or supervisor would create a space for you to talk about any issues you're facing, be it personal or professional by regularly checking in with staff.

It depends on the relationship you have with your manager, but if you have a good relationship and trust them, you could meet them one to one to discuss what's going on and how you feel.

Be open and honest. Being as truthful as you can be about a concern or issue is essential as it will help your employer understand what you need.

It is beneficial to be succinct about your feelings. It might also be helpful to have a note from your doctor to explain what the problem is, how it may affect you and what adjustments might help you manage your work.

It is becoming more common to find workplaces where people feel able to talk about their wellbeing and mental health as attitudes begin to change, more companies and organisations are asking the right questions and taking the right steps to start the conversation with their employ