IAN SMITH Image of anxiety counsellor and hypnotherapist


As a therapist I have a passion for understanding how the mind works, and how people’s thinking can impact their

lives… with even the smallest change in thinking, people’s lives and Wellbeing can dramatically improve.


I commenced my professional training over twenty years ago, and have enhanced my knowledge and skills to provide an adaptive approach and delivers a range of therapies tailored to an individual’s needs.

I have a natural ability to listen and I am proud of my success in helping many people pursue new career paths and stronger relationships both professionally and personally.

I works closely with clients to help guide them towards small changes in how they think, using re-framing techniques and releasing the emotions of past experiences that have held them back.


Clients come to see me because they have a specific wish to change something in their lives, or about themselves, in order to be happier and more in control.  Others come because they want to move their career, sporting skills or personal develop to a higher level.


Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Diploma in Hypnotherapy 

Member of the BCAP and the National Hypnotherapy Society 



I believe that every problem stems from some from of anxiety. Weather that be an time of overwhelming feelings, a past experience or trauma that haunts you or depression, I believe that by finding the root cause we can begin to solve the problem.


I will work with you to really understand the underlying issue and arrive at long term methods to help you cope and thrive. 


Furthermore, we will work to derive day to day methods to help you cope with stress, intrusive thoughts and other negative emotions eventually changing your mindset and way of thinking for the long term. 

I have also written an information page about anxiety and related disorders to help you learn more.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.