Anxiety can stem from a wide array of scenarios from stress at work or school to trauma and grief. It can lead to overwhelming worry, intrusive thoughts, depression and general disruptions to relationships and your everyday life.


As scary and drowning as it might be, there is a way out. Many people look for a solution in a packet or even a bottle, food or drugs. However, they find that these do not work in the long term.


Wellbeing Practice offers personalised and safe methods to help you out of this spiral of anxiety and related emotions. 


What we can offer:


- Therapeutic Counselling

   We will explore your thoughts an feelings in a safe space at your own pace to help you reach coping methods of you own.



   We will explore in depth, your unconscious mind and begin to reprogram and change learnt behaviors to help eliminate the anxiety you may be experiencing.


We recommend a combination of the both to experience the full power of the unconscious mind and the services we can offer to change your life for the better and longer term.